Saw Mo Dry Tealeaf

  • Silver colored Tea plant bus hare been selected to produce Saw Mo Dry tea leaf.
  • It can offer pleasing taste as it has been toasted accordingly. Its, fine taste and flavor can freshen you when drinking by following the instructions.
  • လက္ဖက္ေျခာက္ေလွာ္
  • ဆန္ေလွာ္
  • Purifying the raw dry tea leaves according to the standard.
  • Toasting the chosen dry tea leaves and putting them into the can with the toasted rice according to the weight allowed.
  • Packaging accordance with the quantity allowed.

When the water gets boiled, switch off and wait for a minute. Then put the dry tea leaves into the pot. Temperature must be 85'C.

After 3 minutes, take the dry tea leaves back and enjoy

  • Scent – sweet scented
  • Colour _ pure yellow
  • Taste – a little bitter and quite sweet

Over five minutes,

Scent – sweet scented (a little)

Colour – dark yellow

Taste – bitter (string)

Caution ။     ။ the more temperature, the less scent. Temperature according to the instruction is 85' C. While you enjoy it, sip 3 or 4 seconds. When you feel tired, put a slight of line into the green tea and enjoy it. That makes you feel refreshed Polefenor in Saw Mon dry tea leaves slow you from ageing.

Saw Mo Dry Tea